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Loudon Wainwright chords and tabs

Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Loudon Wainwright. Learn songs like Hey Packy, Ild Rather Be Lonely, One Man Guy, The Doctor and Tip That Waitress easy.

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Song title Type
A Father And A SonGuitar Chords
Absence Makes The Heart Grow FonderGuitar Chords
Dead Skunk In The MiddleGuitar Chords
Happy Birthday ElvisGuitar Chords
He Said She SaidGuitar Chords
Hey PackyGuitar Chords
Ild Rather Be LonelyGuitar Chords
I'm AlrightGuitar Chords
Me And All The Other MothersGuitar Chords
One Man GuyGuitar Chords
ReciprocityGuitar Chords
Swimming SongGuitar Chords
The DoctorGuitar Chords
Tip That WaitressGuitar Chords
Unhappy AnniversaryGuitar Chords
UnrequitedGuitar Tabs
Vampire BluesGuitar Chords
When You LeaveGuitar Chords