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Townes Van Zandt chords for Two girls

Guitar chords

Here's my interpretation of the version on Old Quarter. Sounds great with amp
cranked to 10 and full distortion.

Two Girls, Townes Van Zandt
from "Live at the Old Quarter"
tabbed by Jud Branam (Juddy@aol.com)
capo 4

The (A chord diagramC majorC)clouds didn't ...(A chord diagramDmDm)cotton
they d... (A chord diagramG+G)even (A chord diagramFF)look ... (A chord diagramC majorC)clouds
I was ...(A chord diagramDmDm)weather
and my (A chord diagramG+G)friends l... (A chord diagramFF)like a (A chord diagramC majorC)cro...
The (A chord diagramA minorAm)swimmin ...(A chord diagramC majorC)full ...
I (A chord diagramFF)tried to ...(A chord diagramC majorC)why
all I (A chord diagramDmDm)learned ...
is you've ....(A chord diagramG+G)swim be(A chord diagramFF)fore you (A chord diagramC majorC)fly.

I've ... (A chord diagramFF)two (A chord diagramC majorC)girls
one's in (A chord diagramA minorAm)heaven, one's (A chord diagramC majorC)below
one I ...(A chord diagramDmDm)all ...
and (A chord diagramG+G)one I (A chord diagramFF)do not (A chord diagramC majorC)know.

Two lonesome dudes on an ....


Jolly Jane just lays around ....


Cold down on the bayou....

chorus 2x and out.

ⓘ Guitar chords for 'Two Girls' by Townes Van Zandt, a male artist from Fort Worth. Townes Van Zandt was born in 1944. He passed away in 1997.

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