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Dave Van Ronk guitar tabs for Yas yas yas

Yas Yas Yas tab

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Yas Yas Yas tab by Dave Van Ronk

Guitar tabs with lyrics


E chord diagramEE-------------------3---1h0-1----------3---6-3-------6-6-5-6-------8-6--|
B chord diagramBB---6-----6---6-----0---0---0-3--------0---0-0-------0-0-0-0------------|
G chord diagramGG---0---0-0---0---------------------------------------------------------|
D chord diagramDD-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
A chord diagramAA----------------------------------s/3---3---3---3---3---3---3---3------|
E chord diagramEE-6---6---5---4---3---3-----3---3---------------------------------------|

E chord diagramEE----1----1--------------------------------------------------------------------|
B chord diagramBB---1---4-----1-3h4p3p1-3-4----3-4-----------3---4---5---5---6-4---------------|
G chord diagramGG----------------------------------------------------------------6-3---3---3---|
D chord diagramDD----------------------------------------------2-------------------------------|
A chord diagramAA--0---0----0---0------0-----0-----0---0---1-----------------------------------|
E chord diagramEE--------------------------------------------------6---6-----5---5---6---6-----|

Momma bought a chicken well she thought it was a duck
Put him on the table with his legs stickin up
well now here comes sis, with a spoon and a glass and
start's dishin out the gravy from his yas yas yas

Momma momma take a, look at sis, you know shes
out on the levy and she's dancin like this
well come on in here sis, and come in here fast
and stop that shakin your yas yas yas

Well the old folks do it and the young folks to and the
old folks show the young folks just what to do
well now you shake your shoulders and you shakin them fast
well if you can't shake your shoulders shake your yas yas yas

Well Mr. dillinger rode up to a gasoline station
he saidthis looks like a pretty good location
well the attendant said do you want my gas
Well it's either your gas or your yas yas yas

Went out the corner in St. Augustine
you know a blind cat sat down on a sewing machine
well you know that machine, it sewed so fast
it sewed 99 stitches in his yas yas yas


Twas the night before the christmas, all through the house
not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse
well out on the lawn there rose a big crash