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Steven Siro Vai, guitar information, is a guitarist, songwriter and producer who has sold over 15 million albums. While we give you all the Steve Vai chords and tabs, the official webpage is at Just like the rivals Frank Zappa and Joe Satriani, Steve Vai are known for Instrumental rock and hard rock.

Steve Vai have rocked the fans with compositions like Passion and Warfare and Flex-Able since the beginning in 1980.

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10 steve vai style licks (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Additude song (Intro)Guitar intro
Answers (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Bad horsie (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Ballerina 12 2 (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Ballerina 12 24 (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Bangkok (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Brother (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Bump and grind (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Christmas time is here (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Crossroad (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Die to live (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Erotic nightmares (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Eugenes trick bag (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Fever dream (Tabs)Guitar tabs
For the love of god (Bass)Bass tabs
For the love of god (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Frank (Tabs)Guitar tabs
G3 1996 (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Genocide solo (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Giant balls of gold intro (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Halo theme tune (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Hand on Heart (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Head cuttin duel (Tabs)Guitar tabs
I know you're here (Tabs)Guitar tabs
I would love to (Tabs)Guitar tabs
In my dreams with you (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Incan'tation (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Jibboom (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Liberty (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Murder prologue (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Rescue me or bury me (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Sex and religion (Chords)Guitar chords
Sisters (Tabs)Guitar tabs
The animal (Tabs)Guitar tabs
The audience is (Tabs)Guitar tabs
The boy girl song (Chords)Guitar chords
The crying machine (Tabs)Guitar tabs
The duel (Tabs)Guitar tabs
The moon and i (Intro)Guitar intro
Theres A Fire in The House (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Viv woman (Tabs)Guitar tabs