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Unkle guitar chords for Rabbit in your headlights

Guitar chords with lyrics

Rabbit in Your Headlights”
By  Radiohead
Transcribed by Nehemiah Ryan

Note: this song is not really done by Radiohead, but it is sung by the lead
singer, so it could be considered a Radiohead song. It is actually a song done
by Unkle. Unkle is not really a band either, its more of a group of famous
artists or singers that have done songs for an album. Unkle is pretty cool,
Check them out. You can download the song, if you don’t already have it at:
Verse Chords:             Chorus Chords:     Bridge riff:

A chord diagramE minorEm  EmaddBb  A chord diagramA minorAm     A chord diagramB minorBm        A chord diagramA augmentedA    AM7       A chord diagramF# minorF#m
-0-----0------0------2----   -0-----0---     ----------------------
-0-----0------1------3----   -2-----2---     ---------2------------
-0-----3------2------4----   -2-----1---     -----2-----2---2------
-2-----2------2------4----   -2-----2---     ---4---4-----4--------
-2-----2------0------2----   -0-----0---     ----------------------
-0-----0------x------2----   -0-----0---     -2--------------------

Note: the chords are right but they may sound a little off if you play it
with the song.

pattern:     V=verse  C=Chorus
           A chord diagramC majorC
           A chord diagramC majorC
	Spoken Bridge
            A chord diagramC majorC

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