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U2 guitar chords for Flower child

Guitar chords with lyrics

Music and lyrics by U2

Album: The Complete U2 Digital Box Set: Rare and Unreleased tracks (All
That You Can't Leave Behind Sessions)

For those of you who have downloaded this track you are probably
wondering why it wasn't included on the album All That You Can't Leave
Behind because it really is a great track! As far as I know it is only
available to be downloaded and not on any albums or B chord diagramBB-sides.

This is all my own work. Any questions or comments email me at

Intro and verses:

A chord diagramAA G chord diagramGG D chord diagramDD D chord diagramDD


F chord diagramFF C chord diagramCC G chord diagramGG


Am chord diagramAmAm G chord diagramGG C chord diagramCC E chord diagramEE(m)

Thatâ^À^Ùs it! Itâ^À^Ùs really simple and it sounds great!

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