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U2 guitar tabs for Even better than the real thing

Guitar tabs with lyrics

From mal11@cwns5.INS.CWRU.Edu  Sat Apr 18 16:42:40 1992

U2     "Even Better Than the Real Thing"

 Heavy distortion recommended. :)

Intro:            (Riff below is repeated during verses)
E chord diagramEE--------5-5-----|------------------------------------------
B chord diagramBB----------------|------------------------------------------
G chord diagramGG----------------|-----------6\7\6--------------------------
D chord diagramDD----------------|------------------5--4--------------------
A chord diagramAA----------------|------------------------------------------
E chord diagramEE--5-5-----------|------5-----------------------------------
  (The \ means to slide to the next fret)

For bass players and people who want to just play chords:
  A chord diagramAA  D chord diagramDD  A chord diagramAA

Part before chorus: ("You're a honey child to a swarm of bees...")
E chord diagramEE------------------|--------------------
B chord diagramBB-10---------------|--10----------------
G chord diagramGG--9---------------|---7----------------
D chord diagramDD--7---------------|---7----------------
A chord diagramAA------------------|--------------------
E chord diagramEE------------------|--------------------
 (each chord above is repeated many times.)

Again, for bassists and chord players:
  G chord diagramGG Bminor  D chord diagramDD  A chord diagramAA

Chorus:"You're the real thing"(repeat)  "..child..."
E chord diagramEE-12-12-12-12------------------|-------
B chord diagramBB-10-10-10-10------------------|--10---
G chord diagramGG------------------------------|---9---
D chord diagramDD------------------------------|---7---
A chord diagramAA------------------------------|-------
E chord diagramEE------------------------------|-------
  (Then back to riff above from intro.)

  A chord diagramAA  C chord diagramCC  D chord diagramDD
  A chord diagramAA  G chord diagramGG  D chord diagramDD
  A chord diagramAA  C chord diagramCC  D chord diagramDD
  A chord diagramAA  G chord diagramGG  D chord diagramDD

          Transcripted by Marko Becker

 This tab is a live version of "Even better than the real thing"
 that U2 played during their Zoo-Tv Tour.
 I personally own a ZOOM " PLAYER " 2020 and the sound that I created
 is very similar to Edge's sound.
 I think the most important thing of the song is the delay-effect
 (Zoom Player: 350ms, Feedback 2, Mix 7)

 Comments or other suggestions are requested.
 Now enjoy playing this song.


 D5 chord diagramD5D5 - x577xx

 At the beginning of the song The Edge plays a D5 chord diagramD5D5 chord that he modifies with
 his DigiTech "Whammy". So he can create this special sound.
 If you haven't got a "Whammy" you can create a similar sound
 with a small trick.
 Play the Ab chord diagramAbAb and the Db chord diagramDbDb string together and repeat this 2 times,
 then play the Gb chord diagramGbGb string and the other 2 strings alternately.

 So, that's it, not very difficult.

 ** FIGURE 1 **

      a              b                c            d

 Bb chord diagramBbBb----7p-|-------------------7p-|---------|----------7p--|-
 Gb chord diagramGbGb-------|-------5--4-----------|-------5-|-4-----0------|-
 Db chord diagramDbDb--0----|-5--7--------7--0-----|-5--7----|----7---------|-
 Ab chord diagramAbAb-------|----------------------|---------|--------------|-
 Eb chord diagramEbEb-------|----------------------|---------|--------------|-

             e                   f
 Bb chord diagramBbBb--------------------7p-|--------------|-   P = pull string and bend the
 Gb chord diagramGbGb--------5--4-----------|--------5--4--|-       note a half step up and
 Db chord diagramDbDb--5--7--------7--0-----|--5--7--------|-       down
 Ab chord diagramAbAb-----------------------|--------------|-
 Eb chord diagramEbEb-----------------------|--------------|-

 ** FIGURE 2 **

       a        b          c             d

 Bb chord diagramBbBb--8-----|---12----|-----3------|-----7p-------------|-
 Gb chord diagramGbGb--------|---------|------------|--------------5--4--|-
 Db chord diagramDbDb--------|---------|------------|--0-----5--7--------|-
 Ab chord diagramAbAb--------|---------|------------|--------------------|-
 Eb chord diagramEbEb--8-----|---12----|-----3------|--------------------|-

 ** FIGURE 3 **
                          D5 chord diagramD5D5
 Bb chord diagramBbBb--------------------|--------
 Gb chord diagramGbGb--------------------|--7-----
 Db chord diagramDbDb--14--12--10--9--7--|--7-----
 Ab chord diagramAbAb--12--19---8--7--5--|--5-----
 Eb chord diagramEbEb--------------------|--------

 ** Solo (use bottleneck) **
                                  Solo part I
 Bb chord diagramBbBb-------------------------------------------------------------------->
 Gb chord diagramGbGb-0--2--7--5--7--11--9--7--5--2--0--2--7--10--12--10--7--10--12--14-->
 Db chord diagramDbDb-------------------------------------------------------------------->
 Ab chord diagramAbAb-------------------------------------------------------------------->
 Eb chord diagramEbEb-------------------------------------------------------------------->

                                           Solo part II
                              (repeat the last two notes several times)
 Bb chord diagramBbBb----------------------10-|-----------------------------------------------
 Gb chord diagramGbGb-------------------------|--7--12--10--9--10--12--10--9--10--9--7--5--7--
 Db chord diagramDbDb-------------------------|-----------------------------------------------
 Ab chord diagramAbAb-------------------------|-----------------------------------------------
 Eb chord diagramEbEb-------------------------|-----------------------------------------------


 <      FIGURE 1.a      ><      FIGURE 1.b        > < FIGURE 1.c >
 Give ..

 <      FIGURE 1.d       ><     FIGURE 1.e   > <  FIGURE 1.f  >
 Give ...

 <             FIGURE 2.a               >
 Well ..

 <         FIGURE 2.b           >
 My ..

 <                  FIGURE 2.c                       > < FIGURE 2.d >
 Give ...


 <                    3 X FIGURE 3                                >
 You're ..

 <           FIGURE 3            >
 Even ....


 <       1.a            ><            1.b           > < 1.c >
 Give ..

 <        1.d         ><               1.e                > < 1.f >
 Give ..

 <                  2.a                   >
 You're ..

 <               2.b                   >
 Gonna ..

 <                          2.c                                     > < 2.d >
 Give ...


 <                     3 X  FIGURE 3                              >
 You're ..

 < FIGURE 3 with D5 chord diagramD5D5 at the end >
 Even ....

 ** After the second refrain Edge starts his solo. The first part is played
    without words. In the second part Bono starts to sing **

 <                      Solo 2nd part
 We're free ..

 Oh ..

 ** The next part of the song is played like the REFRAIN **

 Take ..
 You're ..
 Even ..
 Even ..
 Even ...

Almost there ...

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