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U2 guitar chords for Elevation

Guitar chords

Song : Elevation
Album : All that you can't leave behind
Artist : U2
These are the chords for the intro of Elevation
tab by Tony Ling
Email :
Hey guys,
        What a great song !! i'm looking foward to
your changes to my crappy tab so i
can learn some more.

and progression.

[E chord diagramEE]     [A chord diagramAA]
[E chord diagramEE]     [A chord diagramAA]
[E chord diagramEE]     [A chord diagramAA]
[B chord diagramBB]     [A chord diagramAA]

[A chord diagramAA]
B chord diagramBB-2-
G chord diagramGG-2-
D chord diagramDD-2-
A chord diagramAA-0-
E chord diagramEE--

[E chord diagramEE]
B chord diagramBB-9-
G chord diagramGG-9-
D chord diagramDD-9-
A chord diagramAA-7-
E chord diagramEE-0-

[B chord diagramBB]

B chord diagramBB-4-
G chord diagramGG-4-
D chord diagramDD-4-
A chord diagramAA-2-
E chord diagramEE-2

also sounds like edge uses some 'b' thing like this
which sounds higher

B chord diagramBB-12
G chord diagramGG-10-
D chord diagramDD-9--


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