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U2 guitar tabs for All along the watchtower

Guitar tabs

Yo this is mike the duct tape man and i got the cords and stuff for all along the watchtower.
I've heard its by bob dylan or jimi hendrix but who cares. all you gotta do is play the major
bar cord on the 4th fret ,the minor bar cord on the 2nd fret and then A chord diagramA majorA in that order. Its
pretty easy but you gotta listen to it on the rattle and hum album or itunes ot somthing to
get the strumming. the tabs are below. hi mom!

          1st chord            2nd cord
            4                      2
            4                      2
            6                      4
            6                      4
            5                      4
            4                      4
           you should probably know A chord diagramA majorA

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