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U2 chords and tabs

Accurate guitar tabs and chords by U2
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by U2. Learn songs like Deep In The Heart, Dirty Day, Get Out Of Your Own Way, Hold Me Thrill Me and Song For Someone easy.

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Song title Type
11 O Clock Tick TockGuitar Tabs
11 Oclock Tick TockBass Tabs
13 There Is A LightGuitar Chords
40Bass Tabs
40Guitar Chords
40Guitar Tabs
40 LiveBass Tabs
4th Of JulyBass Tabs
4th Of July (Ver 2)Bass Tabs
6 AlbumsGuitar Chords
A Day Without MeGuitar Chords
A Day Without Me LiveBass Tabs
A Man And A WomanGuitar Chords
A Room At The Heartbreak HotelGuitar Chords
A Sort Of HomecomingGuitar Chords
Achtung BabyGuitar Chords
Acrobat AcousticGuitar Chords
All Along The WatchtowerGuitar Tabs
All Because Of YouGuitar Chords
All Because Of You AcousticGuitar Chords
All I Want Is YouGuitar Chords
All I Want Is YouGuitar Tabs
All I Want Is You LiveGuitar Tabs
AlwaysBass Tabs
AlwaysGuitar Tabs
American SoulGuitar Chords
American SoulGuitar Tabs
Angel Of HarlemBass Tabs
Angel Of HarlemGuitar Chords
Angel Of Harlem (Ver2)Bass Tabs
Angel Of Harlem (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Angels Too Tied To The GroundGuitar Chords
Another Time Another PlaceGuitar Chords
Are You Gonna Wait ForeverBass Tabs
BabyfaceGuitar Chords
BadBass Tabs
BadGuitar Tabs
Beat On The BratGuitar Tabs
Beautiful DayGuitar Chords
Beautiful DayGuitar Tabs
Beautiful Day (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Beautiful Day (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
Beautiful Day UkuleleGuitar Chords
Blow Your House DownGuitar Chords
Blow Your House DownGuitar Tabs
Book Of Your HeartGuitar Chords
Book Of Your HeartGuitar Tabs
Bullet The Blue SkyGuitar Tabs
California (there Is No End To Love)Guitar Chords
California There Is No End To LoveGuitar Chords
Cedarwood RoadGuitar Chords
Cedarwood RoadGuitar Tabs
CelebrationGuitar Tabs
Christmas Baby Please Come HomeGuitar Chords
Christmas Baby Please Come Home (Ver2)Guitar Chords
City Of Blinding LightsBass Tabs
City Of Blinding LightsGuitar Chords
City Of Blinding LightsGuitar Tabs
Crumbs From Your TableGuitar Tabs
Daddys Gonna Pay For Your Crashed CarBass Tabs
Dancing BarefootGuitar Chords
Deep In The HeartBass Tabs
DesireBass Tabs
DesireGuitar Chords
DesireGuitar Tabs
Dirty DayBass Tabs
Dirty DayGuitar Chords
Dirty DayGuitar Tabs
Disappearing ActGuitar Intro
DiscotequeGuitar Tabs
DiscothequeBass Tabs
DiscothequeGuitar Tabs
Do You Feel LovedGuitar Chords
Do You Feel LovedGuitar Tabs
Drowning ManGuitar Chords
Electric CoGuitar Chords
Electrical StormBass Tabs
Electrical StormGuitar Chords
Electrical StormGuitar Tabs
Electrical Storm AcousticGuitar Chords
ElevationGuitar Chords
ElevationGuitar Tabs
Elevation LiveBass Tabs
Elevation LiveGuitar Tabs
Even Better Than The Real ThingBass Tabs
Even Better Than The Real ThingGuitar Tabs
Everlasting LoveGuitar Chords
Every Breaking WaveBass Tabs
Every Breaking WaveGuitar Chords
Every Breaking Wave (Ver2)Guitar Chords
ExitBass Tabs
ExitGuitar Chords
ExitGuitar Tabs
Flower ChildGuitar Chords
Get On Your BootsBass Tabs
Get On Your BootsGuitar Chords
Get On Your BootsGuitar Tabs