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Twisted Sister bass tabs for The price

Bass tabs with lyrics

The Price

               by Twisted Sister
             From the album: Stay Hungry
                Bass Tablature

     transcribed by Joe Vahabzadeh . . . king_v@excaliber.net
           Originally completed on: 1/24/97
               Updated on: 1/25/97
       Please email me for any problems or corrections.

     Thanks to Mike Zalot, whose guitar tablature of this song,
       I used as a general framework to help me in this.

         Lyrics are at the end after the tablature

h.= dotted half note
h = half note
q.= dotted quarter note
q = quarter note
e.= dotted eigth note
e = eigth note
s = 16th note

R = Rest

() = indicates note is not struck again, but is continued from previous


)|    |(
)|    |(
)| and |( indicate the beginning and end of a set of measures to be
)|    |( repeated, followed by how many times to be played.

Pre-intro: 1/2 measure

Intro: 8 measures

 h        h        h        h

 |1-------------------------------|--------3-----------------------|( x2
 h        h        q    s s s s h

Verse 1:  Rest for 7 measures, followed by:
 q.     s s e  e  s s e

Pre-Chorus:  4 measures
 h        h        q.     e  q    s e.

 h        q    q    q.     (s)s e  q

Chorus: Play intro

Verse 2: 8 measures
 h        h        q.     (s)s e  q.

 h        h        q.     (s)s e  e  s s e

Repeat Pre-chorus, then Chorus.

Solo: Play last 4 measures of verse 2 section.

Repeat Pre-chorus.

Repeat Chorus to fade out.


Verse 1:
    How long I have wanted,
    This dream to come true.
    And as it approaches,
    I can't believe I'm through.

Pre-Chorus 1:
    I've tried, oh, how I've tried,
    For the life, yes the life, I'm onto.

    Oh it's the price we've gotta pay,
    And all the games we've gotta play,
    Makes me wonder if it's worth it to carry on.
    Cause it's a game we're gonna lose,
    though it's a life we've gotta choose,
    And the price is your whole life until it's gone.

Verse 2:
    Time seems to have frozen,
    But the mind can't be fooled.
    As the days pass I discover,
    Destiny just can't be ruled.

Pre-Chorus 2:
    Hard times, oh, hard times,
    For the price, yes the price, I'm onto.

Repeat Chorus.


Repeat Pre-chorus.

Repeat Chorus to fade out.
ⓘ Bass guitar tab for 'The Price' by Twisted Sister, a heavy metal band formed in 1972 from New York, US. Twisted Sister is known for their provocative metal music.

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