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Triumph tabs for Suitcase blues

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id AA33243; Sun, 27 Mar 1994 14:59:20 -0700
          id AA46038; Sun, 27 Mar 1994 14:59:19 -0700

This is my take on the jazzy intro to "Suitcase Blues" from
Triumph's "Just A chord diagramA augmentedA Game".  If anyone knows better, or knows more
of this tune (or Rik Emmett's "Blues in my Fingers" masterpiece)
let me know.  --  gbowerma@acs.ucalgary  (Geoff Bowerman)


-7-9---------3---------It's four in the morning....--------------

ⓘ Guitar tab for 'Suitcase Blues' by Triumph, a hard rock band formed in 1975 from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

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