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Unpretty chords

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Unpretty chords by Tlc

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There are some pretty strange interpretations
of this song out there, this is what it sounds
like to me.  There are 2 or 3 guitars going
throughout the song, but this riff is always
repeated.  It sounds good if you're a one
man/woman show.


C chord diagramCC	X32010
G chord diagramGG	320010
F chord diagramFF	133211
G chord diagramGG(2)	355433

	C chord diagramCC	 G chord diagramGG	    F chord diagramFF      G chord diagramGG(2)

E chord diagramEE----------------0--------1--1-----------
B chord diagramBB-------1--------1--------1--1-----------
G chord diagramGG-------0--------0--------2--2-----4-----
D chord diagramDD-----2--------0--------3------------5---
A chord diagramAA--3--------2--------3-----------------5-
E chord diagramEE----------------------------------------


by Darek Gondor. Corrections welcome:

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