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Tlc guitar tabs for No scrubs

Guitar tabs

Tablature by Tim Nevaker

The whole song is played with the guitar tuned down a
half-step to E chord diagramEE-flat.
The opening and verse bars:

B chord diagramBB-------1-----|------1-----|--------3---|------1-----|
G chord diagramGG-----2-------|----2-------|------2-----|----2-------|
D chord diagramDD---0---------|------------|----0-------|------------|
A chord diagramAA-------------|--0---------|------------|--0---------|
E chord diagramEE-------------|------------|--0---------|------------|
B chord diagramBB-------1-----|------1-----|--------3-------|---------3-----||
G chord diagramGG-----2-------|----2-------|------2---------|---------------||
D chord diagramDD---0---------|------------|----0-----------|---------------||
A chord diagramAA-------------|--0---------|----------------|-(0)-----------||
E chord diagramEE-------------|------------|--0-------------|---------------||

The chorus chords:

| Dbm7  Abm chord diagramAbmAbm   | Ebm chord diagramEbmEbm   Abm chord diagramAbmAbm   ||
| /  /  /  /  | /  /  /  /  ||

The bridge:

| Fb chord diagramFbFb          | Ebm chord diagramEbmEbm         | Abm chord diagramAbmAbm         | Gb chord diagramGbGb          ||
| /  /  /  /  | /  /  /  /  | /  /  /  /  | /  /  /  /  ||

the end.

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