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Tlc guitar tabs for No scrubs (Ver. 2)

No Scrubs tab

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No Scrubs tab by Tlc (Ver. 2)

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Artist- TLC
Song- No Scrubs
Album- Fan Mail

This song is basicly four chords used over and over again. They are:
Dm7 chord diagramDm7Dm7(100211), Am chord diagramAmAm(x02210), E7 chord diagramE7E7(022130) and back to Am chord diagramAmAm(xo2210)

This the main riff:

   Dm7 chord diagramDm7Dm7           Am chord diagramAmAm            E7 chord diagramE7E7               Am chord diagramAmAm
B chord diagramBB--------1-------------1----------------3----{--------1----
G chord diagramGG-----2-------------2----------------1-------{-----2-------
D chord diagramDD--0------------------------------2----------{-------------
A chord diagramAA----------------0-------------2-------------{--0----------
E chord diagramEE--------------------------------------------{-------------

                                            B chord diagramBB--------3-----
            repeat and this final riff -    G chord diagramGG--------------
                                            D chord diagramDD--------------
                                            A chord diagramAA--------------
                                            E chord diagramEE--------------


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