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Tinie Tempah guitar chords for Written in the stars

Written In The Stars chords

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Written In The Stars chords by Tinie Tempah

"Written in the Stars" is English rapper Tinie Tempah's third single. It was released in September 2010.

The song has been widely used in various sporting events as well as the Miss USA 2011 show. The single charted well in both Europe and the US.

Guitar chords


Strumming Reggae Beat

Am chord diagramAmAm, F chord diagramFF, C chord diagramCC, G chord diagramGG
(These chords repeat throughout the whole song!)

Am chord diagramAmAm                       F chord diagramFF
Oh written in the stars
                         C chord diagramCC
A chord diagramAA million miles away
                         G chord diagramGG
A chord diagramAA message to the main

Am chord diagramAmAm                      F chord diagramFF
Seasons come and go
                        C chord diagramCC
But I will never change
                        G chord diagramGG
And Im on my way

Continue Chords progression for the rest of the song: Am chord diagramAmAm  F chord diagramFF  C chord diagramCC  G chord diagramGG

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