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Justin Timberlake guitar tabs for Like i love you

Guitar tabs with lyrics

Tab for Like I Love You by Justin Timberlake
	By Alex Mckenzie -

Finally, i decided to show a much more complete and correct version of the tab
to the world. remember - a nice NYLON string classical acoustic.

Intro and verses and under the rapping. N.E.R.D (pumping the deck and such-like)

E chord diagramEE--2--2-2-2-------------------------------------------------------------------|
B chord diagramBB--3--3-3-3-------------------------------------------------------------------|
G chord diagramGG--4--4-4-4--------4-4-4--5--2------------------------------------------------|
D chord diagramDD--4--4-4-4-- x3 --4-4-4--5--2------------------------------------------------|
A chord diagramAA--2--2-2-2--------2-2-2--3--0------------------------------------------------|
E chord diagramEE-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
                   Don't include the minor 3rd on these chords
                   Sounds worse than pissflaps if you do.
The bit underneath the chorus, I think with really high (I JUST WANNA LOVE U

E chord diagramEE-10-----9-------2-------?----------------------------------------------------|
B chord diagramBB-12-----10------3-------?----------------------------------------------------|
G chord diagramGG-11-----9-------2-------?----------------------------------------------------|
D chord diagramDD-12-----11------4-------?----------------------------------------------------|
A chord diagramAA-10-----9-------2-------4----------------------------------------------------|
E chord diagramEE-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
  Gmaj7 chord diagramGmaj7Gmaj7  F chord diagramFF#min7  Bmin7   c#something

When it pulls off, it definitely plays a chord with C# chord diagramC#C# in the bass, BUT alas
I couldn't work it out. It's another one of those jazzy-esque chords, but I
couldn't define which. Sorry. If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say it was close
to one of these:

E chord diagramEE-4---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
B chord diagramBB-6--6--12-9------------------------------------------------------------------|
G chord diagramGG-4--5--11-10-----------------------------------------------------------------|
D chord diagramDD-6--3--9--9------------------------------------------------------------------|
A chord diagramAA-4--4--11-11-----------------------------------------------------------------|
E chord diagramEE-------9--9------------------------------------------------------------------|

then the immense bit with the nice synth sound:
u can play it at either octave - i prefer low.

E chord diagramEE-------------------------12-13--------12-------------------------------------|
B chord diagramBB-------------------12-13--------12-13----12----------------------------------|
G chord diagramGG-----5-6-----5---or----------------------------------------------------------|
D chord diagramDD-4-5-----4-5---4-------------------------------------------------------------|
A chord diagramAA-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
E chord diagramEE-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
 Yeah, so sorry about not knowing the final chord leading back into the Bm chord diagramBmBm,
but, it would be incredibly helpful if u emailed me with the answer if you
know/find out what it is. comments welcome. enjoy!

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