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Bass tabs with lyrics:

41 Mosquitoes Flying In Formation bass tab by Tame Impala

  • Author: Mogor
  • Tuning: Standard
Tabbed by: MOGOR (

intro/verse/prechorus: D G F Eb
chorus: Eb D

intro (bass at 0:08)

verse (0:14, `cockroach died of starvation`)
bracketed part is the groove, repeat until `so do you not..`)	   >2nd ending into P.C.>

pre-chorus (0:33, `SOOO do you not want me to come over`) [open strings are easier if you prefer]
|----------33-6---0-1-5---------------------------------------33-6---0-1-5------------------10 hold

playing the D on fret 10 of the E string allows you to
slide down to the G on fret 3 without interrupting the note.

chorus (0:50, `Not much we know`)
bracketed part is the groove, repeat 6x adding slight ornamentation until 1:42

intro-lude (1:42, ornamental until verse at 2:03, `long as i don`t have to concentrate`)

chorus repeat until 3:31, breakdown and hit a Dm chord
then back into the chorus and jam on it. guitar feedback over fade out

h = hammer-on
p = pull-off

/ = slide up
\ = slide down
s = slide

B = bend
^ = bend
Bu = bend up
Bd = bend down
r = release bend
pb = pre-bend
rp = re-pick

t = right hand tap
+ = right hand tap

x = muted string

v = vibrato
~ = vibrato

(5) = ghost note

ph = pinch harmonic
nh = natural harmonic

References official youtube video for timing, includes chords and technique suggestions.


Tame Impala bass tabs for 41 mosquitoes flying in formation