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Taylor Swift guitar tabs

The best Taylor Swift guitar tabs to songs like Fearless, I Almost Do, Last Kiss, The Lucky One and Tim Mcgraw (Ver2) .

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Song title Type
22Guitar Tabs
A Perfectly Good HeartGuitar Solo
A Place In This WorldGuitar Tabs
AfterglowGuitar Tabs
All Too Wel (Taylor's Version)Guitar Tabs
All Too WellGuitar Tabs
All Too Well (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
All Too Well (Ver3)Guitar Tabs
All Too Well (Ver4)Guitar Intro
All You Had To Do Was StayGuitar Tabs
Anti-hero AcousticGuitar Intro
AugustGuitar Solo
August (Ver2)Guitar Solo
Back To DecemberGuitar Tabs
Back To DecemberGuitar Intro
Back To December (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
Bad BloodGuitar Tabs
Bad Blood (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
Beautiful EyesGuitar Tabs
Beautiful Eyes AcousticGuitar Tabs
Begin AgainGuitar Tabs
Begin Again (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
BejeweledGuitar Intro
Better Than RevengeGuitar Tabs
BettyGuitar Intro
Blank SpaceGuitar Tabs
Blank Space (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
BreatheGuitar Tabs
CardiganGuitar Tabs
Champagne ProblemsGuitar Tabs
ChangeGuitar Tabs
Christmases When You Were MineGuitar Tabs
CleanGuitar Tabs
Cold As YouGuitar Tabs
Come In With The RainGuitar Tabs
Coney IslandGuitar Intro
Cowboy Like MeGuitar Solo
CrazierGuitar Tabs
Crazier (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
Cruel SummerGuitar Tabs
Dear JohnGuitar Intro
Dear JohnGuitar Tabs
Death By A Thousand CutsGuitar Intro
Death By A Thousand Cuts (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
Death By A Thousand Cuts (Ver3)Guitar Tabs
DelicateGuitar Tabs
Don't Blame MeGuitar Tabs
EnchantedGuitar Tabs
Enchanted (Ver2)Guitar Solo
EvermoreGuitar Tabs
Everything Has ChangedGuitar Tabs
ExileGuitar Tabs
Exile (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
Eyes OpenGuitar Tabs
False GodGuitar Tabs
FearlessGuitar Tabs
FearlessGuitar Intro
FearlessGuitar Solo
Fearless Banjo TabGuitar Tabs
FifteenGuitar Tabs
Forever And AlwaysGuitar Tabs
Forever And Always (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
Forever WinterGuitar Intro
Girl At HomeGuitar Tabs
GorgeousGuitar Tabs
Gorgeous AcousticGuitar Tabs
HauntedGuitar Solo
Holy GroundGuitar Tabs
How You Get The GirlGuitar Tabs
I Almost DoGuitar Solo
I Almost Do (Ver2)Guitar Solo
I Don't Wanna Live ForeverGuitar Tabs
I Don't Wanna Live Forever (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
I Knew You Were TroubleGuitar Tabs
I Wish You WouldGuitar Tabs
I'd LieGuitar Intro
If This Was A MovieGuitar Tabs
If This Was A Movie (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
If This Was A Movie (Ver3)Guitar Tabs
Illicit AffairsGuitar Tabs
Illicit Affairs (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
I'm Only Me When I'm With YouGuitar Tabs
I'm Only Me When I'm With You AcousticGuitar Tabs
InnocentGuitar Tabs
InvisibleGuitar Tabs
Invisible StringGuitar Tabs
Invisible String (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
Invisible String (Ver3)Guitar Tabs
Invisible String (Ver4)Guitar Tabs
Invisible String (Ver5)Guitar Tabs
Its Nice To Have A FriendGuitar Intro
IvyGuitar Tabs
Ivy (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
Jump Then FallGuitar Intro
Last KissGuitar Tabs
Long LiveGuitar Tabs
Look What You Made Me DoGuitar Tabs