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The Sundays chords for God made me


"God Made Me" (D. Gauverin & H. Wheeler)
from the album "Blind" by the Sundays

Tablature & Transcription by
Brandon Milner

TAB appears below the words sung at the time...

Intro (this same sequence is used again towards the end of the song):
X02220 (A chord diagramA augmentedA major)      022000 (e min)  X02220          022000
XX5788                355433 (A chord diagramG+G maj)  022100          022200 (A chord diagramE MajorE sus4)

Verse pattern: 002200  ->  000220

Looking ..
002200                                000220

seeing ..
002220                                000220

talks ...
              002200                                 000220

if    ..
     320030                           200200


because               God made        me-     eee ..X02220             X32030

320033                                022100

tablature by
Brandon Milner

ⓘ Guitar chords for 'God Made Me' by The Sundays, an alternative rock band formed in 1987 from London, England. They are no longer active.

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