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Joss Stone chords for Understand

Guitar chords with lyrics

3 chords progression (changing tone during song, check it along the song)
use your thumb properly and try to play with r&b guitar style.
simplest chords, but some hammer-ons mostly on the last chord in the progression.

Chords used
A chord diagramG minorGm  355333
A chord diagramA augmentedA   577655
A chord diagramDmDm  557765
A chord diagramBbmBbm 113321
A chord diagramC majorC   032010
A chord diagramF minorFm  133111
A chord diagramG# minorG#m 466444
A chord diagramA#A#  688766
A chord diagramD#mD#m 668876

First Chords Progression A chord diagramDmDm
I hope you'll understand
That I can't always come when you call
Understand everybody has their faults
Please understand not to worry who I'm with or what I do
Cause I understand that I'm in love with you
Do you understand that I'm in love with you

I keep our song on repeat
On my ipod, even when I sleep
And in my dream I'm holding you
Alone on an island just us two

repeat Chorus

The last guy had me so wrong
He kept complaining I was away too long
Don't treat me that way cause in your head
You've got to trust me I won't be lead

repeat Chorus

Second Chords Sequence [A chord diagramF minorFm]

I hope your mind ain't working overtime
I hope your memories are full of good times with me
Don't trip if right now I can't answer the phone
Cause you know that soon I'll be coming home

Third Chords Sequence [A chord diagramD#mD#m]
repeat Chorus

Do you understand
Cause I understand
Do you understand that I'm in love with you boy
I'm so in love with you, so in love with you
Cause I understand
Do you?
Do you understand that I'm in love with you
Do you understand I'm in love with you

tabbed by Alberto (KeltiK)

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