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Joss Stone chords for Big ol game

Guitar chords with lyrics

A chord diagramC majorC

A chord diagramC majorC
Summertime and Wendy I ain't seen for a while
Since she's been workin' tryin' to catch her own style
With that I got her back my kettle's always boilin', snow is fallin'

A chord diagramC majorC
Hmmm, and it's truly freezy
Denny ain't been callin'
He's got a family
But outside my door it still says:
"Welcome" on the floor
A chord diagramC majorC
Life is just a big ol' game to me
I'd like to be number one on your team
Call me baby (Baby)
Make me your baby girl (Baby)
'Cause one day someone will snatch me for their lady, yeah

A chord diagramC majorC
The buds in their blooms now
But no letter's come from Lucy
She deep in her book tryin' to bring down the words
But she's on my mind profusely, my sister Lucy

A chord diagramC majorC
The birds and bees, they do their thing in trees
While we're hustlin', bustlin', playing the game of life
We're lookin' in a dark cloud for the answer of all the questions, why

A chord diagramC majorC
I could never be your number two
'Cause when i'm not there
I'm sure someone's lovin' you
And I can't have it
I won't have it, no
'Cause one day someone will snatch me for their lady, yeah

A chord diagramBb majorBb
You know sometimes I find myself confused
It's always why this and uh uh uh, why that?
See, have you ever heard the saying "it's just a game"?
Well, then one more why, why can't I stop playing?

I could never be your... your number two...
'Cause someone else.. will come and.. start lovin' you, hm..
And I can't have it..
I told you I won't have it, no..

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