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Tanya Stephens chords for What a day

Guitar chords with lyrics

Album: Gansta Blues

A chord diagramA augmentedA reggae queen! Hope you all like it!
Intro: A chord diagramBB (x2)

Verse: A chord diagramBB

Bridge: A chord diagramBB

Chorus: A chord diagramBB

A chord diagramC#C#
I'm tired of the hunger I see on people's faces

A chord diagramC#C#
Tired of the animosity between the races

A chord diagramC#C#
Tired of corruption in high and low places

A chord diagramBB
And pricks with money but no social graces

Tired of being judged for the style in my hair
And the music that I listen and the clothes that I wear
Tired of life and death being sold as a pair
and politicians who keep saying they care but

A chord diagramC#C#
Maybe hoping for a change is a dream

A chord diagramC#C#
Maybe life aint as bad as it seems

A chord diagramBB
But if dreaming is the best I can do i'll be dreaming my whole life through

                A chord diagramC#C#
What a day when war becomes a thing of the past

     A chord diagramC#C#
and peace, we will have it at last

       A chord diagramBB

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