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Small Faces guitar tabs for All or nothing

Guitar tabs with lyrics

{textfont: monaco}
{t: All or Nothing}
{st: The Small Faces}
{st: 'From the begining' album}

{comment:Intro and 1st verse}

[A chord diagramAA]I thought you've listened
to my reasoning [D chord diagramDD]
[A chord diagramAA]But now I see you,
you didn't heard a thing [D chord diagramDD]---[A chord diagramAA]---[G chord diagramGG]

I try to make you see
[A chord diagramAA]How it's got to be

(Yes, It's all right)

[D chord diagramDD]All or nothing
[B chord diagramBB]All or nothing
[G chord diagramGG]All or nothing
For [D chord diagramDD]me

{comment: 2nd verse}
Things could work out
just like a ? to
If I could have
the others have of me

You know a word
If I only could

(Yes it's yet)

{comment: 3rd verse}
Pa pa pa para...


{comment: D chord diagramDD & A chord diagramAA pattern for Intro and verses}

[D chord diagramDD]
B chord diagramBB------3-------|------3-------|------3-------|------3-------|
G chord diagramGG----2---------|----2---------|----2---------|----2---------|
D chord diagramDD--0-----------|--0-----------|--0-----------|--0-----------|
A chord diagramAA--------------|--------------|--------------|--------------|
E chord diagramEE--------------|--------------|--------------|--------------|

[A chord diagramAA]
B chord diagramBB-------2-----2-|-------2-----2-|
G chord diagramGG-----2---2-----|-----2---2-----|
D chord diagramDD---2-------2---|---2-------2---|
A chord diagramAA-0-------------|-0-------------|
E chord diagramEE---------------|---------------|

| Evilio Jose del Rio Silvan  | Anywhere you choose,                       |
|         | Anyway,  you're gonna lose                 |
| |                         - Mike Oldfield    |
|                             |                           "Poison Arrows"  |

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