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Slayer guitar tabs for Anti-christ

Guitar tabs with lyrics

> This is the author's own work.
> Slayer
> Anti-Christ
> A chord diagramA augmentedA great little tune off the Show No Mercy album.
> e ---------------
> b ---------------
> g ----4--2------4--2--------4--   repeat 2x
> d -4-------4-3-------4--3---4-4
> A chord diagramA augmentedA -4------------------------2-4-
> A chord diagramE MajorE -2--------------------------2-
> verse:
> e
> b
> g---9-\-10---9\10-----------------7                         A chord diagramG+G 12
> d---9-\-10---9\10---9\10--9-\10---7   repeat2x second time  A chord diagramD MajorD 12-----
> A chord diagramA augmentedA --7-\-8----7\8----9\10--9-\10---5------ play instead of   A chord diagramA augmentedA 10-----
> A chord diagramE MajorE ------------------7\8---7-\10--         A chord diagramD MajorD chord           A chord diagramE MajorE -----
> Chorus:
> I am the Anti-Christ
> A chord diagramD MajorD A chord diagramC majorC A chord diagramA#A#
> That's what I appear to be
> A chord diagramD MajorD A chord diagramA#A# F(xx355)
> Back to Intro
> Riff before solo
> e
> b
> A chord diagramG+G 9--9--x--9--9----7--7---3--10--7
> A chord diagramD MajorD 9--9--x--9--9----7--7---3--10--7  repeat under solo as well
> A chord diagramA augmentedA 7--7--x--7--7----5--5---1--8---5
> A chord diagramE MajorE
> That should be it.  This is my first time doing this, I hope it gets on.  I
> am known as the Big Dawg.

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