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Sade chords and tabs

Sade tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Sade. Learn songs like Flower Of The Universe, Kiss Of Life, Never As Good As The First Time, Please Send Me Someone To Love and Tar Baby easy.

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Song title Type
All About Our LoveGuitar Chords
BabyfatherGuitar Chords
BabyfatherGuitar Tabs
By Your SideGuitar Chords
Cherish The DayBass Tabs
Cherish The DayGuitar Chords
Cherish The DayGuitar Intro
Cherry PieGuitar Chords
FearBass Tabs
Flower Of The UniverseGuitar Chords
Flower Of The UniverseGuitar Tabs
Hang On To Your LoveGuitar Chords
Haunt MeGuitar Tabs
I Will Be Your FriendGuitar Chords
In Another TimeGuitar Chords
Is It A CrimeGuitar Chords
JezebelGuitar Chords
King Of SorrowGuitar Chords
King Of Sorrow (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Kiss Of LifeGuitar Chords
Like A TattooGuitar Chords
Love Is Stronger Than PrideGuitar Chords
Never As Good As The First TimeGuitar Chords
No Ordinary LoveBass Tabs
No Ordinary LoveGuitar Chords
Nothing Can Come Between UsGuitar Chords
ParadiseBass Tabs
PearlsGuitar Chords
Please Send Me Someone To LoveGuitar Chords
SallyGuitar Chords
Siempre Hay EsperanzaBass Tabs
Smooth OperatorBass Tabs
Smooth OperatorGuitar Chords
Still In Love With YouGuitar Chords
Sweetest TabooGuitar Tabs
Tar BabyGuitar Chords
The Big UnknownGuitar Chords
The Moon And The SkyGuitar Chords
The Safest PlaceGuitar Chords
The Sweetest TabooGuitar Chords
The Sweetest TabuGuitar Chords
Turn My Back On YouBass Tabs
War Of The HeartsGuitar Tabs
Your Love Is KingBass Tabs
You're Love Is KingGuitar Chords