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Sabaton chords and tabs

Sabaton tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Sabaton. Learn songs like Bismarck, Christmas Truce (Ver2), Coat Of Arms, Firestorm and In Flanders Fields (Ver2) easy.

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Song title Type
1648Guitar Chords
40-1Guitar Chords
7734Guitar Chords
A Ghost In The TrenchesGuitar Chords
A Lifetime Of War AcousticGuitar Chords
Aces In ExileGuitar Chords
Aces In ExileGuitar Tabs
Angels Are CallingGuitar Chords
Attack Of The Dead MenGuitar Chords
Attero DominatusGuitar Chords
BismarckBass Tabs
BismarckGuitar Chords
BismarckGuitar Intro
Blood Of BannockburnGuitar Chords
Carolus RexGuitar Chords
Carolus RexGuitar Tabs
Christmas TruceGuitar Chords
Christmas Truce (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Coat Of ArmsGuitar Chords
Defence Of MoscowGuitar Chords
DreadnoughtGuitar Intro
En Livstid I KrigBass Tabs
En Livstid I KrigGuitar Chords
En Livstid I KrigGuitar Intro
Far From The FameGuitar Chords
FatherGuitar Chords
Fields Of VerdunGuitar Chords
FirestormGuitar Chords
Ghost DivisionGuitar Solo
Gott Mit UnsGuitar Chords
Great WarGuitar Chords
Hearts Of IronGuitar Chords
In Flanders FieldsGuitar Chords
In Flanders Fields (Ver2)Guitar Chords
In The Name Of GodGuitar Chords
In The Name Of GodGuitar Tabs
Inmate 4859Guitar Chords
Into The FireGuitar Chords
Karolinens BönGuitar Chords
Killing GroundGuitar Chords
Kingdom ComeGuitar Chords
LivgardetGuitar Chords
Man Of WarGuitar Chords
Masters Of The WorldGuitar Chords
Metal CrüeGuitar Chords
Metal MachineGuitar Chords
Night WitchesGuitar Chords
No Bullets FlyGuitar Chords
Nuclear AttackGuitar Chords
PanzerkampfBass Tabs
PanzerkampfGuitar Chords
Price Of A MileGuitar Chords
Primo VictoriaBass Tabs
Primo VictoriaGuitar Chords
Primo VictoriaGuitar Solo
Primo Victoria (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
Purple HeartGuitar Chords
Race To The SeaGuitar Chords
Resist And BiteGuitar Chords
Ruina ImperiiGuitar Chords
SaboteursGuitar Chords
Screaming Eagles AcousticGuitar Chords
ShiroyamaGuitar Chords
Smoking SnakesGuitar Chords
Soldier Of 3 ArmiesGuitar Chords
Soldier Of HeavenGuitar Chords
SpartaGuitar Chords
Steel CommandersGuitar Chords
StormtroopersGuitar Chords
Swedish PagansGuitar Chords
Swedish PagansGuitar Intro
TalvisotaGuitar Chords
The Art Of WarGuitar Chords
The Attack Of The Dead MenGuitar Tabs
The Ballad Of BullGuitar Chords
The Caroleans PrayerGuitar Chords
The End Of The War To End All WarsGuitar Chords
The Hammer Has FallenGuitar Chords
The Last BattleGuitar Chords
The Last StandGuitar Chords
The Last StandGuitar Tabs
The Last Stand (Ver2)Guitar Chords
The Lion From The NorthGuitar Chords
The Lion From The North (Ver2)Guitar Chords
The Lost BattalionGuitar Chords
The Lost BattalionGuitar Solo
The Price Of A MileGuitar Chords
The Red BaronGuitar Chords
The Unkillable SoldierGuitar Chords
To Hell And BackGuitar Chords
To Hell And BackGuitar Tabs
To Hell And Back (Ver2)Guitar Chords
UnionGuitar Chords
UprisingGuitar Chords
WehrmachtGuitar Intro
White DeathGuitar Chords
Winged HussarsGuitar Chords