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Rzeznik Johnny guitar tabs for Im still here

Guitar tabs

"I'm Still Here"
by Johnny Rzeznik

chords used:
A chord diagramAA    (x02220)
Dsus2 chord diagramDsus2Dsus2(xx0230)
Asus chord diagramAsusAsus (x02230)

 A                  Dsus2 chord diagramDsus2Dsus2             
|-------2-----2----|-------3-----3----|  (7 times)

  I           am  a  question...
  world,      not an answer...
  heard,      or  a  moment...
  held        in your..

  What        do you think...
  say         I won't...
anyway        you don't...

Bridge 1:

 A         Dsus2 chord diagramDsus2Dsus2     Asus chord diagramAsusAsus        

I'll never be what...

Bridge 2:


Bridge 3:

 A                   Dsus2 chord diagramDsus2Dsus2              Asus chord diagramAsusAsus

              They can't tell me...
              'Cause I'm not what...
world is still sleepin...
words are just whispers...

(same chords as verse)

VerseBridge 1
VerseBridge 1 & 2
Chorus, Bridge 1 & 2
VerseBridge 1 & 2
Chorus, Bridge 1 & 2
Bridge 3 (4 times)
Bridge 1 (strum)

I think that's basically everything; hope it helps somebody!
I figured this out listening to the song from the soundtrack of the movie
"Treasure Planet." Feel free to make changes/additions if you think I
any mistakes or missed anything.

-Karl Johnson

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