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True - Ryan Cabrera
Take it All Away

YES FINALLY.. Someone whose come up wid the True chords!! MOAHAHA

hope yer like this.. Hehehe figured it out on behalf of my RC fan frend.. lolz =P heheh

feel free to comment me...

btw dont hit me if its too crappy.. Standard tuning.

-christine E.

  F  Am C Dm7
e 1  0  0  1
B 1  1  1  3
G 2  2  0  2
D 3  2  2  0
A 3  0  3  0
E 1  0  0  0

Dm7  Am  C  Am  F  C   C  Am (on every second chord stroke
                          downard on eBG string)

  F   Am
I wont Talk
  F    Dm7
I wont breathe
  F    Am
I wont Move
            F           Am     Dm7  Am Am Dm7
'Til you finaly see that you belong with me
     F    Am
You might think
  F   Dm7
I dont look
          F         Am
But deep inside the corner of my mind
            Dm7  Am Am Dm7
Im attached to you

"pre chorus thingy":
 F     Am
Coz Im weak
       Dm7 Dm7 Dm7  Am
Its true
              F       Dm7
Coz' im afraid i know the answer..
F       Am       Dm7 Dm7 Dm7 Am
Do you want me too?
Am              F       Dm7
Coz' my heart keeps falling faster

F             FF
Ive waited all my life
    C   C  CC
to cross this line
Dm7  Dm7  Dm7    Am
to the only thing thats true
F         FF
so i will not hide
  C    C   C
its time to try
 Dm7  Dm7 Dm7  Am
anything to be with you
 Dm7...     C
All my life ive waited
This is true..

Verse 2:
F        Am
You dont know
F       Dm7
what you do
         F          Am
everytime you walk into the room
          Dm7  Am Am Dm7
im afraid to move

"pre chorus":
F       Am
coz im weak
      Dm7 Am
its true
             F        Dm7
coz im afriad i know the answer
F      Am       Dm7  Am
do you want me too?
            F         Dm7
do you even know you met me?

repeat chorus
Dm7 Dm7  Am  F F  Dm7  Dm7 Am
I know when i go I'll be on my way to you
Dm7  Am    F
A way thats true

Repeat Chorus
This is True..

Enjoy! Peace up

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