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Ryan Cabrera - Say

[Verse 1]

(F C G)
I'm on the corner
Catching the late train
I'm going somewhere
I'm leaving nowhere today
I got my reasons
And my beautiful wine
I told my mama
Said "Boy you lost your mind

(C G F)
I say shut up shut up
You're going to ruin you're name
I say clean up clean up
Don't think just play


(C em G)
S-S-Say Say Say
Say what you wanna say
Cuz I'm gone...Yea I'm gone
(repeat 2x)

[Verse 2]

I crossed the border
Watching the sun drown
The seats are shaking
But I don't wanna slow down
Now I'm living(
In a beautiful town
There ain't no people
But they love my sound

Say wake up wake up
You got things to sign
Say pick up pick up
Your life is on the line

[Repeat chorus]

(C G F)
Oh you used to be young
Yea you used to be wise
You used to be cool
What's with that look in your eyes

Say Say Say...what you wanna say
Say what you wanna say
Say what you wanna say

Any correction would be appreciated

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