It Will Take A Long Long Time by Roxette

It Will Take A Long Long Time chords by Roxette

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A          D
Sunny called, I was in the hall
E             D
And made a note I have to paint the kitchen walls
An angel smiled across the room
All in all, it was a lazy afternoon

H    E      F# E
Then I thought about you
      G#m      F#     E
I think it was some sweet song that I heard

 G        C   D
Got to get goin' goin' ahead
     C         G D C D
It will take a long, long time
Got to go ahead and deal with my life
It has taken such a long time this time

Sunny called, I was in the bath
And heard the rain hit the roof and tiles real hard (hit the roof real hard/hit the roof)
Then I ran through my magazines
A few letters poorly hidden in a jar (hidden in a jar/oh what a jar!)

And I thought about you
It must have been some old pictures I found


Inganakee leo yo

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