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I left the solo out because I haven't figured it out (chords). And note
that there is a use of a B an a Bm in FIG 3. The difference is necessary.
Enjoy!!! "And she runs her fingertips through your hair..."

FIG 1: E  A  D  G x2

FIG 2: D  Bm F#m A x2

FIG 3: G  D  A  A
    G  Bm B  B

FIG 4: Bm A  G  G x2

FIG 5: D  A  G  G x4

Intro:   fig1
Verse1:   fig2
Pre-chorus: fig3
Chorus:   fig1, fig4
Verse2:   fig2
Pre-chorus: fig3
Chorus:   fig1, fig4 + a few G strums
Bridge:   fig5
Solo:    sorry :(
Chorus:   fig1, fig4
Outro:   fig5

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