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Rivermaya chords for Locomoco

Guitar chords with lyrics

			  Locomoco- Rivermaya
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Tuning :Standard

We will all be fine

We will just follow the line

Change the train we may go faster

A chord diagramA augmentedA better life from here on after

 A chord diagramBB
Server and hospitality and always on time

 A chord diagramA#A#
Locomoco, Locomoco

From the slaughter house
To the pace of the mouse
Please take us anywhere but
Here where a broken heart's just
An opened mind filled with juicy lust
And medicated disgust

 A chord diagramC majorC
We will never stop now

 A chord diagramA minorAm
We're just enjoying the ride

 A chord diagramA minorAm
You can never stop us now

 A chord diagramD/F#D/F#
We don't care what the neighbors say

We make some noiuse
It's just insane

     A chord diagramD MajorD
But after all the hate we take a bow

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