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Pictures Of Success by Rilo Kiley

Pictures Of Success tab by Rilo Kiley

Tabs with lyrics

Pictures of Success
By Rilo Kiley
>From the cd Takeoffs and Landings

Tab by Dapeios

Chord diagramD MajorD           Chord diagramG+G  Bmin   Chord diagramA augmentedA
build your *******

Chord diagramD MajorD         Chord diagramG+G  Bmin          Chord diagramA augmentedA
staying home ...................

Chord diagramD MajorD          Chord diagramG+G           Bmin             Chord diagramA augmentedA
i'm not scared ....................

Chord diagramD MajorD    Chord diagramG+G  Bmin        Chord diagramA augmentedA
easily earn ..........

Chord diagramG+G             Chord diagramA augmentedA          Chord diagramD MajorD            Bmin
they say california i...............

Chord diagramG+G                     Chord diagramA augmentedA               Chord diagramA augmentedA
and i say ..................

             Chord diagramD MajorD
i'm ready .........

ready ....
         Chord diagramG+G
ready ....
             Chord diagramA augmentedA
i'm ...........

Keep hitting D-bmin-G-A, change on "go."

The song starts like this (guitar and bass)

------------------------------------- Repeat twice

then it goes into the natural harmonics part. I forget
symbol is for natural harmonic.  If you don't know how
to play
a natural harmonic, you just place your finger on the
appropriate string at the seventh fret without pushing
You should get a ringing sound. Or else just play
this "normally."

--------7-------7-------7---------7---  Repeat several times
Then the guitar does this:


and then goes directly to the pull-offs slide part:
---------------(7)-----(7)----------7/9\7----------- Repear
They do this a bit different each time, so the ending
slides aren't exactly the same.  Sometimes they hit
notes in parenthesis, sometimes not.  There's two
on the track. . .

then right before the singing you get this little bit:

So that's basically it.  Just mix and match the four
parts through the verses,
and at the end of each verse don't forget last little

riff.  I know that's a
weird fingering but I like to let the open strings
ring out.

On the chorus, you can try natural harmonics and a
slide for the guitar on
the "hospitals and freeways" parts, but it will still
sound lousy:

Fot the "they say CA ... up through the "ready to go"
I just play the chords.
The mini-solo at the end is:

14-14-14-12-14-12-14-15-- (high Chord diagramE MajorE string) repeat 3x

17-17-17-19-19-19-21-21-21-22-22-22- (high Chord diagramE MajorE string)

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