Liquor, Beer And Wine by Reverend Horton Heat

Liquor, Beer And Wine chords by Reverend Horton Heat

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  C             F         C
The doctor says I’m livin’ on precious borrowed time
                D        G
With all the time I’m givin’ to liquor beer and wine
  C               F         C
The X-rays of my liver, look like molded old swiss cheese
  C           Am       D     G  C
My heart pumps blood and alcohol through hardended arteries

Every body knows me, down at the local bar
I drink until I can’t see and I wonder where you are
I guess I let my health go since you quit bein’ mine
But there was nothing to replace you, except liquor beer and wine

F               C
Liquor, beer, and wine is the flashing sign I see
                  D        G
Every single morning I get up it’s buzzing down at me
 F               C
I look up to the heaven’s for a ray of hope to shine
  C       Am  D   G    C
And there it is in neon, Liquor beer and wine

Ever since you’ve left me I’ve lived out of my car
Parked between the liquor store and Uncle Bubba’s bar
Booze helps ease the heartache, but your constantly in mind
As constant as that buzzing noise of Uncle Bubba’s sign

Liquor, beer, and wine...

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