So Clear by John Renbourn

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C       G       Am         E
It was in the rainy season - waiting for the train
Am        D      Bm       E
Leaving in the afternoon - all on your own again.
D           Am      D            Am
Do you really understand it? Can you tell me why it is this way?
G         F  C     Am        D
Sad lady at her portmanteau with no words left to say,
F           C         Am     D   F
Saving that it's only something that can happen any day.

C      G      Am         E
Too loose, circus rider, turn on your childish grin,
Am         D           Bm       E
Shine on through the long black night, go ride the dawn again.
D                 Am     D            Am
Your eyes are stars that sweetly twinkle, aureole around your head aflame.
G         F    C     Am        D
Sad story that you cannot tell, where no one is to blame.
F           C         Am        D   F
And anyhow its only something sure to come down with the rain.

G            F        C     G     Am
Would I could hear your song so clear, the words could touch the air,
   C           Am      D        F
And catch the moon's reflection in the colour of her hair.
  C          Am      C       G   Am
To ease this ache of loneliness and blind the vicious stare.

C     G      Am            E
Even now I do remember one thing more that is not told,
    Am        D       Bm         E
Just a slightly twisted crystal heart to keep you from the cold.
  D           Am      D            Am
All up the coast along the highway nobody there will know your name.
   G             F    C     Am        D
So strange how things should work out now, yet still remain the same.
F               C       Am       D   F

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