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R.E.M. bass tabs for Star 69

Bass tabs with lyrics

STAR 69 (Bass tab)

Bass does not play for the first refrain of the guitar riff before each

verse. Just after that, and before the vocals start, the bass starts
Start with fast slide from high E(12) to G(3) and back up to B(7) on the E
string, then:

D----------------------------------------------- Repeat 2x/verse


A-----9------9------9--5-7-------------9------9------9--5-7 (fast side down)

Repeat 2x/refrain

At end of the second refrain hit a loud B (7) on the E string, then mute it
when the guitar riff starts again.

Play it fast, and like most of the songs on Monster, with a pick. I'm
almost positive this is right- I wasn't sure myself until I saw Mike
(Mills, of course), play it in concert. The only thing that might be off
is the number of times each note is played, but you can work that out for

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