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Less Is More by Reliant K

Tabs with lyrics

Band: Reliant K
Album: Anatomy of the Tongue and Cheek
Name: Josh Oakley
Standard Tuning- Capo on first fret
PC  means power chord
Starts with whatever rythem the guitar player is feeling, (it's a

Here are the chords.... and their progression...
  E         Asus          B(PC)
Then there's the intrelude/transition part..... where he sings
"to the best of my ability"....
C#(PC)        Asus       B(PC)      Chord diagramE MajorE
Then it goes into an instrumental/humming interlude that follows this
E    Asus   B(PC)
The chorus is the same...
E   Asus   B(PC)
The actual interlude/interlude goes like this...
C#(PC)          Asus        E         B(PC)
After this he says, Jesus i Pray, know what i'm trying to say.....
and the chords are like this....  C#(PC) for the Jesus i pray, and Chord diagramA minorAm
for trying to say.....
Chord diagramA minorAm
So the progressions are this:

Verse: E   Asus  Asus  B(PC)

Chorus: E   Asus   B(PC)
Interlude: C#(PC)   Asus   E   B(PC)
Any questions or anything, email me.............

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