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The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus chords and tabs

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Learn songs like Dive Too Deep, False Pretense, Home Improvement, The Awakening and Unfinished Business easy.

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Song title Type
Am I The EnemyGuitar Chords
Angels CryGuitar Chords
AtrophyGuitar Tabs
Cat And MouseGuitar Tabs
ChokeGuitar Chords
ChokeGuitar Tabs
Damn RegretGuitar Tabs
Damn Regret AcousticGuitar Chords
Damn Regret AcousticGuitar Tabs
DisconnectedGuitar Tabs
Dive Too DeepGuitar Chords
Face DownBass Tabs
Face DownGuitar Chords
Face DownGuitar Tabs
Face Down (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
Face Down AcousticGuitar Chords
Face Down AcousticGuitar Tabs
Fall From GraceGuitar Chords
False PretenceGuitar Intro
False PretenseGuitar Chords
Forever NumbGuitar Chords
GodspeedGuitar Chords
Guardian AngelGuitar Chords
Guardian Angel AcousticGuitar Chords
Home ImprovementGuitar Tabs
Lonely RoadGuitar Chords
Misery Loves Its CompanyGuitar Chords
Misery Loves Its CompanyGuitar Tabs
Pleads And PostcardsGuitar Tabs
ReapBass Tabs
Remember MeGuitar Chords
RepresentGuitar Chords
RepresentGuitar Tabs
Saul To PaulGuitar Chords
Seventeen Ain't So SweetGuitar Chords
The AwakeningGuitar Tabs
Unfinished BusinessGuitar Chords
WaitingGuitar Chords
You Better PrayGuitar Tabs
Your Guardian AngelGuitar Chords
Your Gurdian AngelGuitar Chords