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Rammstein guitar chords for Wollt ihr das bett in flammen sehen

Wollt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehen chords by Rammstein

Rammstein guitar chords for Wollt ihr das bett in flammen sehen

Guitar chords

Album: Herzeleid

Drop D chord diagramDD tuning

Intro (synth arranged for guitar):
B chord diagramBB--------------
G chord diagramGG--------------
D chord diagramDD--------------
A chord diagramAA--------------
D chord diagramDD--7-8-7-x-5---

Guitar 1
B chord diagramBB-------------------------------
G chord diagramGG--7-----8-----7---------5------
D chord diagramDD--7-----8-----7---------5------
A chord diagramAA--5-----6-----5---------3------
D chord diagramDD-------------------------------
("Wollt ihr das Bett...")

Chorus ("Rammstein!")
|Guitar 1
|B chord diagramBB-------------------------------
|G chord diagramGG--7-----8-----7---------5------
|D chord diagramDD--7-----8-----7---------5------
|A chord diagramAA--5-----6-----5---------3------
|D chord diagramDD-------------------------------
|Guitar 2 (w/wah)
|B chord diagramBB--------------------------------|--10---10---|
|G chord diagramGG--10////////--------------------|--11b--11b--|
|D chord diagramDD--10////////--------------------|------------|
|A chord diagramAA---8////////--------------------|------------|
|D chord diagramDD--------------------------------|------------|

B chord diagramBB------------------------
G chord diagramGG------------------------
D chord diagramDD--x-x-x-x--3--0-0-0-----
A chord diagramAA--x-x-x-x--3--0-0-0-----
D chord diagramDD--x-x-x-x--3--0-0-0-----
"Sex ist..."

Song structure:
Intro x16
Verse x8      (00:31)
Chorus x14    (00:46)
Intro x4      (01:12)
Verse x16     (02:08)
Chorus x14    (02:37)
Bridge x16    (03:03) palm mute open D chord diagramDD as fill 16th time
Intro x8      (03:34) G1 chord diagramG1G1 fill in with verse parts
Chorus x14    (03:49)=20
Verse x29*    (04:07)

*not sure about this  =20

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