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Rainbow chords and tabs

Rainbow tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Rainbow. Learn songs like Black Sheep Of The Family, Black Swan, Cant Let You Go, Loves No Friend Of Mine and Since Youve Been Gone easy.

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Song title Type
16th Century GreensleevesGuitar Tabs
Anybody ThereBass Tabs
Anybody ThereGuitar Tabs
Anybody There (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
Black MasqueradeGuitar Tabs
Black Sheep Of The FamilyGuitar Chords
Black SwanGuitar Chords
Can T Let You GoGuitar Tabs
Can't Let You GoGuitar Tabs
Catch The RainbowGuitar Chords
Catch The RainbowGuitar Tabs
Do You Close Your EyesGuitar Tabs
Falando Com A LuaGuitar Chords
I SurrenderGuitar Chords
If You Don't Like Rock N RollGuitar Chords
I'll Never CryGuitar Chords
Jealous LoverGuitar Chords
Kill The KingGuitar Tabs
Lady Of The LakeGuitar Chords
Light In The BlackGuitar Tabs
Long Live Rock N RollBass Tabs
Long Live Rock N RollGuitar Chords
Long Live Rock N RollGuitar Tabs
Lost In HollywoodGuitar Chords
Loves No FriendGuitar Chords
Loves No Friend Of MineGuitar Tabs
Man On The Silver MountainGuitar Chords
Man On The Silver MountainGuitar Tabs
Maybe Next TimeGuitar Tabs
Miss MistreatedGuitar Tabs
MistreatedGuitar Tabs
No Time To LoseBass Tabs
Rainbow EyesGuitar Chords
Self PortraitGuitar Chords
Since You Been GoneGuitar Chords
Since You've Been GoneGuitar Chords
Since You've Been GoneGuitar Tabs
Sixteenth Century GreensleevesGuitar Chords
Sixteenth Century GreensleevesGuitar Tabs
StargazerGuitar Tabs
StarstruckBass Tabs
StarstruckGuitar Tabs
Still I'm SadGuitar Tabs
Stone ColdBass Tabs
Stone ColdGuitar Chords
Street Of DreamsGuitar Chords
Street Of DreamsGuitar Tabs
Tarot WomanGuitar Tabs
Temple Of The KingGuitar Chords
Temple Of The KingGuitar Tabs