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Rage Against The Machine tabs for People of the sun

People Of The Sun tab - Rage Against The Machine

Rage Against The Machine tabs for People of the sun

Guitar tabs with lyrics

From CookysClan@aol.com Sun Apr 27 11:18:57 1997

Well, Tom Morello is one of the most innovative guitarist of the 90s.  In
this song he shows us why.  Tommy uses a harmonizer which probably addes alot
of effect to the song.  Play this with alot of distortion and with the volume
at a medium to loud level.  Use, if you have one, a metal pick but if you
don't no big deal.  Take the edge of the pick and with your thumbnail facing
the down neck of the guitar, slide it back and forth on the given string
between your last pick up and where the string goes into the body of the
guitar...(did you understand that )
A---3~~~~~~~------3~~~~~~~--------3~~~~~~~------------ my friend, Russ, plays

D--------------------------------------------------------------------- it off
the second.  if
G--------------------------------------------------------------------- that
sounds better to
u....USE IT!
then when drums and bass kick in go like this (use an up stroke on A chord diagramE MajorE string
Its not really hard to play its all about the correct placement of the pick
on the string
if you didn't understand where i meant in the first paragraph let me explain
it again.
Ok!  see the first fret at the end of you guitar?  slide your finger from
there all the way to the end of that string, over the fret board, over the
pick ups, all the way to the end of the string at the body of the guitar.
 Now come back 3/4s of an inch on that string.  That should put you right in
the ball park.  It takes a lot of messing with to get this song to sound
exactly right.  If you have any questions you can email at
Cookysclan@aol.com----Peace. jamie

Face tha funk now blastin out cha speaka...

Band:  Rage Against the Machine
Album:  Evil Empire

	This is a very cool song from Rage Against the Machine.  It is track #1 from their latest album Evil Empire.  This song is great when you crank the volume and get a feel for the music.  I love it!!!  All I have figured out is the opening riff but, hey ist's still something, right?  Also, I haven't been playing for a long time, so I don't know if it is in any different tuning.  I just do it in Standard E.  I also don't know if any effects are used.  All I can think of is distortion.  Here it is.

A chord diagramE MajorE|---7-8-7-8-7-5-----------7-8-7-8-7-5--------7-8-7-8-7-5---7-8-7-8-7-5-|

			I also picked up this way which is much easier.

A chord diagramE MajorE|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|

	Then it starts  "Yeah, people come up."  "Let's turn up the base on this one."

	So that's it for now but until then, "Live long and prosper."  I'd just like to take some time out to say hi to some of my friends.  Jack, Jay, MIke, Mike.  Sup, guys?  Don't ever give up guitar.  Most of all, Everyone have fun.

Any Questions, comments, good stories, gripes, nags, bitchings, CONSTRUCTIVE critisizm?  (NO FLAMES PLEASE!!!)  Send them to RMH3583@aol.com.

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