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The Raconteurs chords and tabs

The Raconteurs tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by The Raconteurs. Learn songs like Consoler Of The Lonely, Only Child, Only Child, Steady As She Foes and Top Yourself easy.

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Song title Type
AttentionintroGuitar Intro
Bane RenditionGuitar Tabs
Blue VeinsGuitar Chords
Bored And RazedGuitar Chords
Bored And RazedGuitar Tabs
Bored And Razed (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
Call It A DayBass Tabs
Consoler Of The LonelyGuitar Chords
Consoler Of The LonelyGuitar Tabs
Consolers Of The LonelyGuitar Tabs
Don't Bother MeGuitar Chords
Headin For TexasGuitar Chords
Help Me StrangerGuitar Chords
Hey Gyp Dig The SlownessGuitar Chords
Hold UpBass Tabs
LevelBass Tabs
LevelGuitar Tabs
Live A LieGuitar Chords
Many Shades Of BlackBass Tabs
Many Shades Of BlackGuitar Chords
Many Shades Of BlackGuitar Tabs
Many Shades Of Black AcousticGuitar Chords
Now That You're GoneGuitar Chords
Now That You're GoneGuitar Tabs
Old EnoughGuitar Chords
Only ChildGuitar Chords
Only ChildGuitar Tabs
Pull This Blanket OffGuitar Chords
Rich Kid BluesGuitar Chords
Rich Kid BluesGuitar Tabs
Salute Your SolutionGuitar Tabs
Shine The Light On MeGuitar Chords
Somedays (i Don't Feel Like Trying)Guitar Chords
Somedays I Don't Feel Like TryingGuitar Chords
Somedays I Don't Feel Like TryingGuitar Tabs
Steady As She GoesBass Tabs
Steady As She FoesGuitar Tabs
Steady As She GoesBass Tabs
Steady As She GoesGuitar Chords
Steady As She GoesGuitar Tabs
Sunday DriverBass Tabs
Sunday DriverGuitar Chords
Sunday DriverGuitar Tabs
Thoughts And PrayersGuitar Chords
Top YourselfGuitar Chords
Top YourselfGuitar Tabs
Whats Yours Is MineGuitar Chords
Whats Yours Is MineGuitar Tabs
Whats Yours Is Mine (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
Yellow SunGuitar Chords
Yellow SunGuitar Tabs
You Don't Understand MeGuitar Tabs