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R5 chords and tabs

R5 tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by R5. Learn songs like Falling For You, If, Lightning Strikes, Love Me Again and Things Are Looking Up Ukulele easy.

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Song title Type
A Billion HitsGuitar Chords
Ain't No Way Were Goin HomeBass Tabs
Ain't No Way Were Goin HomeGuitar Chords
Ain't No Way Were Goin Home SoloGuitar Tabs
Ain't No Way Were Going HomeGuitar Chords
Ain't No Way Were Going HomeGuitar Solo
All NightGuitar Chords
Cali GirlsBass Tabs
Cali GirlsGuitar Chords
Cali Girls AcousticGuitar Chords
Christmas Is ComingGuitar Chords
Crazy 4 UGuitar Tabs
Crazy Stupid LoveGuitar Chords
Dark SideGuitar Chords
Do It AgainBass Tabs
Do It AgainGuitar Chords
Doctor DoctorGuitar Chords
Doctor Doctor (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Easy LoveBass Tabs
Fallin For YouGuitar Chords
Fallin For You AcousticBass Tabs
Fallin' For YouGuitar Chords
Falling For YouGuitar Chords
Feel GoodGuitar Chords
Forget About YouBass Tabs
Forget About YouGuitar Chords
Forget About You (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Gotta Keep Away From This GirlGuitar Intro
Heart Made Up On YouGuitar Chords
Heart Made Up On You (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Here Comes ForeverGuitar Chords
Hurts GoodGuitar Chords
I Can't Say I'm In LoveBass Tabs
I Can't Say I'm In LoveGuitar Chords
I Know You Got AwayBass Tabs
I Know You Got AwayGuitar Chords
I Know You Got AwayGuitar Solo
I Want U BadBass Tabs
I Want You BadGuitar Chords
IfGuitar Chords
If I Can't Be With YouGuitar Chords
Keep Away From This GirlGuitar Chords
Lay Your Head DownGuitar Chords
Lets Not Be Alone TonightGuitar Chords
Lightning StrikesBass Tabs
Lightning StrikesGuitar Chords
Lightning StrikesGuitar Intro
Lightning StrikesGuitar Intro
LoudGuitar Chords
Loud AcousticBass Tabs
Love Me AgainBass Tabs
Love Me Like ThatBass Tabs
Love Me Like ThatGuitar Solo
Love To Love HerGuitar Chords
Nine LivesBass Tabs
Nine LivesGuitar Chords
One Last DanceBass Tabs
One Last DanceGuitar Chords
Pass Me ByBass Tabs
Pass Me ByGuitar Chords
Pass Me By (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Pass Me By (Ver3)Guitar Chords
Pass Me By LiveGuitar Chords
Red VelvetGuitar Chords
Repeating DaysBass Tabs
Repeating DaysGuitar Chords
Repeating DaysGuitar Intro
Repeating Days IntroGuitar Tabs
Say You'll StayGuitar Chords
SmileGuitar Chords
Stay With MeBass Tabs
Stay With MeGuitar Chords
Things Are Looking UpBass Tabs
Things Are Looking UpGuitar Chords
Things Are Looking Up UkuleleGuitar Chords
Trading TimeGuitar Chords
Trading Time (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Wanna Be Your EverythingGuitar Chords
What Do I Have To DoGuitar Chords
Wild HeartsGuitar Chords
Wishin I Was 23Guitar Chords
Wishin I Was 23 (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Wishing I Was 23Guitar Chords
WishlistGuitar Chords
WishlistGuitar Solo
Without YouGuitar Chords
You Can Come To MeGuitar Chords