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Empire tab

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Empire tab by Queensryche

Guitar tabs with lyrics

"Empire" by Queensryche-->

First off, there's the intro riff which is also the chorus part:
repeat 4x
E chord diagramEE-|-----------------------------------------------------||
B chord diagramBB-|-----------------------------------------------------||
G chord diagramGG-|-2-2--2-4-2-----2---5-4-----5---7-5-----7---5--4h5-7-||
D chord diagramDD-|-2-2--3-3-3-----3---3-3-----3---5-5-----5---5------5-||
A chord diagramAA-|-0-0--------0-0---0-----0-0---0-----0-0---0----------||
E chord diagramEE-|-----------------------------------------------------||

After you go through that twice, however, there is this little bit of lead
that kinda copies the vocal line of the chorus:
E chord diagramEE-|----------------------------------|----------------------------------------|
B chord diagramBB-|-9b10r9---------------------------|-10--10----10-12--12-10-12-13--13-12-13-|
G chord diagramGG-|--------9-10---10-b12r10--9h10----|--------12------------------------------|
D chord diagramDD-|-------------------------------12-|----------------------------------------|
A chord diagramAA-|----------------------------------|----------------------------------------|
E chord diagramEE-|----------------------------------|----------------------------------------|

E chord diagramEE-|------------------------|
B chord diagramBB-|-12b15r12-12h13-10~~~~~~|
G chord diagramGG-|------------------------|
D chord diagramDD-|------------------------|
A chord diagramAA-|------------------------|(rhythm guitar ends on A5 chord diagramA5A5)
E chord diagramEE-|------------------------|

The A5 chord diagramA5A5 is sustained throughout the verses with a few changes like so:

A5 chord diagramA5A5
Last night the word came down
(A5 chord diagramA5A5)                 G5 chord diagramG5G5 C5 chord diagramC5C5 A5 chord diagramA5A5
Ten dead in Chinatown
(A5 chord diagramA5A5)
Innocent, their only crime
        B5 chord diagramB5B5                   slide to C5 chord diagramC5C5      A5 chord diagramA5A5
Was bein' in the wrong place at the wrong time
(A5 chord diagramA5A5)
"Too bad", people say,
(A5 chord diagramA5A5)                            G5 chord diagramG5G5 C5 chord diagramC5C5 A5 chord diagramA5A5
"What's wrong with the kids today?"
(A5 chord diagramA5A5)
I'll tell you right now they got nothin' to lose
G5 chord diagramG5G5               F5 chord diagramF5F5      A5 chord diagramA5A5
They're building EMPIRE.

Then this little lead bit:  B chord diagramBB-|--8b10-(10)-(10)--| (sustained indefinitely)

While the rhythm (once again) stays on A5 chord diagramA5A5.  Do the whole verse bit
over again for the second verse.

Here's the pre-chorus with some lyrics below to help you keep up (repeat
the first section twice, then do the last bit right before the chorus):
E chord diagramEE-|--------------------------------------------------------------||-------|
B chord diagramBB-|-6---6-6-3--3-3--8--8-8-6--6-6--6--6-6-3--3-3-----------------||-------|
G chord diagramGG-|-5---5-5-2--2-2--7--7-7-5--5-5--5--5-5-2--2-2---5--5-5-5--5-5-||-------|
D chord diagramDD-|-0---0-0-0--0-0--0--0-0-0--0-0--0--0-0-0--0-0---5--5-5-5--5-5-||-3/5-5-|
A chord diagramAA-|------------------------------------------------3--3-3-3--3-3-||-3/5-5-|
E chord diagramEE-|--------------------------------------------------------------||-1/3-3-|
   East side_________      Meets   West side___    downtown_____.
   No   time_________        the   walls_fall____  down_____.

After the second chorus, play this right before the bridge (the
"bridge" is what I call the part where that guy does the commentary on
law enforcement):
E chord diagramEE-|-----------------------||
B chord diagramBB-|-----------------------||
G chord diagramGG-|-5-----5-----5-/7~~~~~-||
D chord diagramDD-|-5--5--5--5--5-/7~~~~~-||
A chord diagramAA-|-3--5--3--5--3-/5~~~~~-||
E chord diagramEE-|----3-----3------------||

Then play this part clean (actually with chorus and slight delay...
but what the hell) during the commentary:
E chord diagramEE-|-0---------------------------3-------------------||
B chord diagramBB-|-3----3--3h5--3----5-6-5-3---3---5----5-6--5h6p5-||
G chord diagramGG-|-2----3-------2----5-5-5-2---0---5----5-5--5-----||
D chord diagramDD-|-0-----------------------------------------------||(repeat 4x)
A chord diagramAA-|-------------------------------------------------||
E chord diagramEE-|-------------------------------------------------||
(When the commentary gets to "By way of comparison..." a second guitar
should start chunging out an open D chord diagramDD string with distortion and palm

Then there's the solo and the chorus a few times until the end.  There's
also a bit of lead stuff (guitar harmonization between Chris and Michael)
over the last couple of choruses; really nifty lead work...but I'm not
going to tab it!

Once again, you'll have to do this "sans solo" 'cause leads are a pain in
my ass to tab out.  But put all the pieces together and you'll have
something that vaguely resembles Queensryche's "Empire".  'Tis a great song
and a great album.  Email me and be REAL nice and I might be pursuaded to
tab out the solo after all...
Corrections/comments/augmentations are most welcome and will be promptly
responded to (but only if you email them to me).
Paul D chord diagramDD. (

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