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Queen Moo guitar chords for Captain glee

Guitar chords with lyrics

A chord diagramAA
A chord diagramAA                         Bm7 chord diagramBm7Bm7
I’ll take a look into the mirror.
                              D chord diagramDD
See a striking resemblance to fear.
                      Dm chord diagramDmDm                     A chord diagramAA
I’m not sure that I’m liking what I’m seeing here, my dear.
A chord diagramAA                                    Bm7 chord diagramBm7Bm7
Overnight my thoughts start to erase themselves.
                   D chord diagramDD
I started to do it myself
                    F chord diagramFF
but this spine is unbroken
               A chord diagramAA
our ending’s unopened.
                E chord diagramEE
So ask how it’s going.
                  D chord diagramDD
For the hundredth time I’m fine.
            A chord diagramAA
Call me Mr. Feel-Alright.
Aadd9 chord diagramAadd9Aadd9           Bm chord diagramBmBm/D chord diagramDD     Dm chord diagramDmDm/F chord diagramFF E chord diagramEE Eb chord diagramEbEb
Captain Fucking Glee.
D chord diagramDD                     Dm chord diagramDmDm
The boy you wanted to meet?
       A chord diagramAA
That’s me.

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