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Pv Nova tabs for Experience n10 - le dark heavy thrash grind core

Experience N10 - Le Dark Heavy Thrash Grind Core tab by Pv Nova

Pv Nova tabs for Experience n10 - le dark heavy thrash grind core

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https://www.youtube.com/watch v=oExx9_C95EM
Experience n°10 - Le Dark Heavy Thrash Grind Core

Tuning: A chord diagramE MajorE A chord diagramA augmentedA A chord diagramD MajorD A chord diagramG+G A chord diagramBB A chord diagramE MajorE

Main riff:
Guitar 1
A chord diagramE MajorE|-----------------------------|-----------------------------------|x8
A chord diagramBB|-----------------------------|-----------------------------------|
A chord diagramG+G|-----------------------------|-----------------------------------|
A chord diagramD MajorD|-----------------------------|-----------------------------------|
A chord diagramA augmentedA|-----------------------------|-----------------------------------|
A chord diagramE MajorE|-0-0-0-0---0-0-3-5-0-0-7-8---|-0-0-0-0---0-0-3-3-5-5-0-0-1-1-1-1-|

Guitar 2
A chord diagramE MajorE|--------------------------------|------------------------------------|x4
A chord diagramBB|--------------------------------|------------------------------------|
A chord diagramG+G|------------------9-----11-12---|------------------9-----------------|
A chord diagramD MajorD|-9-9-9-9---9-9-12---9-9-------9-|-9-9-9-9---9-9-12---9-9-10-10-10-10-|
A chord diagramA augmentedA|--------------------------------|------------------------------------|

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