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Primus bass tabs for On the tweek again

Bass tabs with lyrics

On The Tweek Again
By Primus, from the Album "Tales from the Punchbowl"
Tabbed by Nathan Welton (Snark@rain.org)

Hi folks.

Guitar : Ha ha ha. What's a guitar?

Bass : Les uses a 5 string on this ditty, and I don't have one.
Chances are that you don't either, so to make up for this descrepancy
I downtuned my E string to a D, and this tab is based around that tuning.
He also uses his whammy bar, and I don't have one of those either. That's
why the D always wobbles. If you really must have this, I suppose you
could downtune to a D flat and wiggle the 1st fret (and also adjust the
tab), but that won't sound too good and probably won't be good for the

Key : / or \ is a slide
         WHM is where I think he's using his whammy (you can just
hit the
         open string twice.

So, before doing anything else,


Intro :

Main part :
|-3-5-0-WHM-|-3-5-0-WHM-|-3-5-0-WHM-|-3-5-----5-7-0 WH|

The main part repeats and intensifies until about
2:10 (the end of the guitar solo), at which point
we hear a modified turn around :

He kind of twiddles around on the D for a while and
then he goes back into the main part again until about
3:20 or so, when he uses the above modified turn around
and skips up an octave.



You he dwindles around on the D again and drops back into the
main part for a while, goes up the the octave part and ends on
the low D.

NOTE: I don't know which makes more sense to you... I put the D
with the whammy at the end of each bar. You might think it goes at
the beginning. Whatever. Have fun!

Almost there ...

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