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Primus chords and tabs

 tabs and guitar chords

Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Primus. Learn songs like To Defy The Laws Of Tradition, The Trek, South Park End Theme and Shake Hands With Beef easy.

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Song title Type Rating
American lifeBass TabsBass Tabs  
American lifeGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
Anti popGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
AntipopGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
Ballad of bodaciousGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
BobBass TabsBass Tabs  
BobGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
Camelback cinemaGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
Captain shinerBass TabsBass Tabs  
D m vBass TabsBass Tabs  
De anza jigBass TabsBass Tabs  
De anza jigGuitar ChordsGuitar Chords  
Del davis tree farmBass TabsBass Tabs  
Del davis tree farmGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
Devil went down to georgiaGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
Devil went down to georgia (Ver2)Guitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
DmvGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
Eclectic electricBass TabsBass Tabs  
Electric uncle samBass TabsBass Tabs  
Electric uncle samGuitar ChordsGuitar Chords  
ElevenBass TabsBass Tabs  
Eternal consumption engineGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
Fish onBass TabsBass Tabs  
Frizzle fryBass TabsBass Tabs  
Frizzle fryGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
Golden boyBass TabsBass Tabs  
Green rangerBass TabsBass Tabs  
Greet the scared crowBass TabsBass Tabs  
Ground hogs dayBass TabsBass Tabs  
Ground hogs dayGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
Groundhogs dayGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
Hamburger trainGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
Harold of the rocksBass TabsBass Tabs  
Hats offBass TabsBass Tabs  
Here come the bastardsBass TabsBass Tabs  
Here come the bastardsGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
HoinfodamanGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
IntruderGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
Is it luckBass TabsBass Tabs  
JellikitGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
Jerry was a race car driverGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
Jerry was a racecar driverBass TabsBass Tabs  
Jilly's on SmackGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
John the fishermanBass TabsBass Tabs  
John the fishermanGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
John the fisherman (Ver2)Guitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
John the fisherman1Bass TabsBass Tabs  
KalamazooGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
Lacquer headBass TabsBass Tabs  
Lacquer headGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
Last salmon manGuitar IntroGuitar Intro  
Lee van cleefBass TabsBass Tabs  
Making plans for nigalGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
Making plans for nigelGuitar ChordsGuitar Chords  
Making plans for nigelGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
Master of puppetsBass TabsBass Tabs  
Mr knowitallGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
Mr krinkleBass TabsBass Tabs  
Mr krinkleGuitar ChordsGuitar Chords  
Mr krinkleGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
Mrs blaileenBass TabsBass Tabs  
My name is mudBass TabsBass Tabs  
My name is mud1Bass TabsBass Tabs  
Nature boyBass TabsBass Tabs  
Nature boyGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
On the tweek againBass TabsBass Tabs  
Over the electric grapevineGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
Over the fallsBass TabsBass Tabs  
Poetry and proseBass TabsBass Tabs  
Poetry and proseGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
Pork chopGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
Pork chops little dittyGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
Pork sodaGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
PressmanGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
Primus allBass TabsBass Tabs  
Professor nutbutterBass TabsBass Tabs  
Sailing the seasBass TabsBass Tabs  
Scissor manGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
Sergeant bakerBass TabsBass Tabs  
Sgt bakerBass TabsBass Tabs  
Sgt bakerGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
Shake hands with beefBass TabsBass Tabs  
Shake hands with beefGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
Sinister exaggeratorGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
South park end themeGuitar SoloGuitar Solo  
South park themeGuitar ChordsGuitar Chords  
South park themeGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
Southbound pachydermbBass TabsBass Tabs  
SouthparkGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
Spagetti westernBass TabsBass Tabs  
Temporary phaseBass TabsBass Tabs  
The air is getting slipperyBass TabsBass Tabs  
The antipopGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
The devil went down to georgiaBass TabsBass Tabs  
The hecklerBass TabsBass Tabs  
The hecklerGuitar TabsGuitar Tabs  
The pressmanBass TabsBass Tabs