The Pretenders chords and tabs

The Pretenders tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by The Pretenders. Learn songs like Criminal, Holy Commotion, Ill Stand By You (Ver2), Tequila and Thumbelina easy.

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Song title Type
2000 MilesBass Tabs
2000 MilesGuitar Chords
2000 MilesGuitar Tabs
977Guitar Chords
Angel Of The MorningGuitar Chords
Back On The Chain GangBass Tabs
Back On The Chain GangGuitar Chords
Back On The Chain GangGuitar Tabs
Back On The ChaingangGuitar Chords
Brass In PocketGuitar Chords
Brass In PocketGuitar Tabs
CreepGuitar Chords
CriminalGuitar Chords
Cuban SlideBass Tabs
Day After DayGuitar Chords
Don't Get Me WrongGuitar Chords
English RosesGuitar Chords
Forever YoungGuitar Chords
Good ByeGuitar Chords
Holy CommotionGuitar Chords
Hymn To HerGuitar Chords
I Am Not In LoveGuitar Chords
I Go To SleepGuitar Chords
I'll Stand By YouBass Tabs
I'll Stand By YouGuitar Chords
I'll Stand By You (Ver2)Guitar Chords
I'll Stand By You UkuleleGuitar Chords
I'm A MotherGuitar Chords
KidBass Tabs
KidGuitar Chords
KidGuitar Tabs
Lets Make A PactGuitar Chords
Louie LouieGuitar Chords
May This Be LoveGuitar Chords
Message Of LoveBass Tabs
Message Of LoveGuitar Chords
Middle Of The RoadGuitar Chords
Middle Of The RoadGuitar Tabs
Money TalkGuitar Chords
My BabyGuitar Chords
My City Was GoneBass Tabs
My City Was GoneGuitar Chords
Mystery AchievementGuitar Chords
Nails In The RoadBass Tabs
Never DoGuitar Chords
Never Do ThatGuitar Chords
Night In My VeinsGuitar Chords
ReminderGuitar Tabs
RosaleeGuitar Chords
Sense Of PurposeGuitar Chords
Show MeGuitar Chords
Space InvaderGuitar Tabs
Stand By YouGuitar Chords
Stop Your SobbingGuitar Chords
Talk Of The TownGuitar Chords
TequilaGuitar Chords
The BuzzGuitar Chords
The Phone CallGuitar Tabs
The WaitGuitar Chords
Thin Line Between Love And HateGuitar Chords
ThumbelinaGuitar Chords
Whos WhoBass Tabs
You Can't Hurt A FoolGuitar Chords